About Us

Welcome to Caroline’s Flower Shoppe. We hope you are enjoying our website. It is unlike any other. Our shop is unique and unlike any other as well. Our decor is extremely important to us. Both stores are very sophisticated, classy and very well maintained and family operated and owned.

Our florals follow the same expectations. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, always.

As the owner of Caroline’s , I am home grown and raised here in this beautiful town. I started working at MacIntosh Florist a thousand years ago in Islip when I was in high school. After college I returned there. The rest is history.

People boast about how long our flowers last! It’s true! The secret is that our flowers are delivered to us daily, not once or twice a week .

Our staffers are extremely kind and understanding to any floral needs that you may have and

We can work with any budget that will suit your needs.

We look forward to seeing you in our shop. Come in and relax in our comfortable setting and watch tv or read the paper while we prepare your flowers.


Jane Keith Miller